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Being good at anything requires organization. Rather than constricting our creative abilities, being tightly organized in terms of our tools, information and schedule optimizes our ability to innovate with everything we need right at hand when we need it most.

Here you'll find a steadily building list of ideas and links to help us organize:


Traveling presents special challenges in our quest to be organized. We're all traveling with a frequently changing assortment of electronics. Organizing their cords and various adapters (wall, plane, domestic, foreign) can be a nightmare. Add other kinds of items like the traveling drugstore (would you really hit the road without your prescription meds and a tight assortment of OTC pain relievers, cold and flu remedies, antacids, etc.?) and your carry on starts to become the enemy.

Solution: Pouches in various sizes from the Road Warriors #1 organizing resource, The Container Store. They carry a wide assortment of inexpensive but high quality soft containers flexible enough for every purpose. Tip: most carry-ons have either black or dark grey interiors. Choosing pouches with bright colors allows us to find the right ones quickly in the dim lighting of airplanes and some hotel rooms. Currently most of mine are all grey or black, but in 2011 I'm switching these out for brighter colors. Click here: travelpouches

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